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Evaluative Report of the Department of History & Culture

Evaluative Report of the Department
1 Name of the Department : Department of History and Culture
2 Year of establishment : 1963
3 Is the Department part of a School/Faculty of the university? : Yes, University
4 Names of programmes offered (UG, PG, M.Phil., Ph.D., Integrated Masters; Integrated Ph.D., D.Sc. D.Litt., etc.) : : UG, PG, M.Phil., Ph.D.
Certificate Course in Archival Science
5 Interdisciplinary programmes and departments involved : To limited extend.
6 Courses in collaboration with other universities, industries, foreign institutions, etc. : Nil
7 Details of programmes discontinued, if any, with reasons : Nil
8 Examination System : Annual / Semester /
Trimester /Choice Based Credit System : Nil
9 Participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments : Nil
10 Number of teaching posts sanctioned, filled and actual (Professors/Associate Professors/Asst. Professors /Others) :

Sanctioned Filled Actual (Including CAS & MPS)
Professor 03 1 01 (Direct)
Associate Professor 02 1 01 (Direct) + 03 (CAS) = 04
Asst. Professor 05 5 2 (Direct)
Others 0 0 00

11 Faculty profile with name, qualification, designation, area of specialization, experience and research under guidance

Name Qualification Designation Specialization No. Of
Years of
Experience No. of Ph.D./
guided for
the last 4

Dr. Mehboob Desai


Prof & Head, Department of History & Culture, Gujarat Vidyapith History of Freedom Movements
And Medieval History

35 Years Experience

Dr.Munjal Bhimdadkar
M.A., M. Phil.,
Associate Professor
Epigraphy and Numismatics
20 Years Experience
M. Phil.-5


Dr. Binduvasini Joshi
M.A., M. Phil.,
Associate Professor
Modern Indian History And Archival Studies
28 Years
M. Phil.-4

Dr. Kanaiyalal R. Nayak M.A., M. Phil.,
Associate Professor
Tourism, Archeology, Museology, Culture, Archives, Education, History of Gujarat. 18 Years Experience

Dr. Rajendra Revashankar Joshi
M.A., M. Phil.,
Associate Professor
Ancient History, Tourism, Indian Culture. 15 Years Experience
Dr. Vikram Singh Amarawat M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Medieval Indian History & Historiography 06 Years Experience
Dr. Zenamabibi Amumiya Kadari M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Ancient History. Modern World History. Modern History 05Years Experience

12 List of senior Visiting Fellows, adjunct faculty, emeritus professors :
List of Senior Visiting Fellows is as under
1. Prof. Makrand Mehta
Rtd. Professor & Head, Department of History, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.
2. Dr. Arun Vaghela
Associate Professor, Department of History, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.
3. Prof. Usha Bhatt
Rtd. Professor & Head, Department of History, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.
4. Prof. Shirin Mehta
Rtd. Professor & Head, Department of History, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.
5. Dr. Shailesh Solanki
Principal, Gujarat College, Ahmedabad.
6. Dr. Jagdish Chaudhary
Principal, S.V. College, Ahmedabad.
7. Dr. Laxman Vadhera
Head, Department of History, Samaldas Arts College, Bhavnagar.
8. Dr. Haribhai Desai
Director, CERLIP, Vallabh Vidyanagar.
9. Prof. Meena Gour
Professor, Department of History, M.S. University, Udaipur.
10. Dr. Jayendra Bhosle
Professor, Department of History, Pune University, Pune.
11. Prof. Prafula Raval
Professor & Head, Department of History, Saurashtra University, Rajkot.
12. Dr. Aamrendra Kumar
Assistant Professor, Shanti Niketan, Kolkatta.
13. Prof. Jaykumar Shukla
Rtd. Professor & Head, Department of History, H.K. Arts College, Ahmedabad.
14. Dr. M.J. Parmar
Associate Professor & Head, Department of History, M.K. Bhavnagar
University, Bhavnagar.
15. Dr. Janak Gadhavi
Lecturer , Department of History, Gujarat College, Ahmedabad.
16. Prof. Balvant Jani
Rtd. Professor & Head, Department of Gujarati, Saurashtra University, Rajkot.
17. Mr. Sadiq Noor Pathan
Rtd. Programme Director, All India Radio, Ahmedabad.
18. Mr. Dhimant Purohit
Rtd. Programme Director, Aaj Tak, Delhi.
19. Dr. Falguni Parikh
Head, Department of History , H.K. Arts College, Ahmedabad.
20. Dr. Harsh Brahmbhatt
Well known Poet of Gujarat, Ahmedabad.
21. Dr. Bharati Shelat
Rtd. Director, B.J.Vidya Bhavan, Ahmedabad.
22. Dr. Thomas Parmar
Head, Department of Indian Culture, H.K. Arts, College, Ahmedabad.
23. Dr. R.T.Savaliya
Director, B.J. Vidya Bhavan, Ahmedabad.
24. Dr. Ambadan Rohadia
Associate Professor, Department of Gujarati, Saurashtra University, Rajkot.
13 Percentage of classes taken by temporary faculty – programme-wise information : Nil
14 Programme-wise Student Teacher Ratio
: 20:01
15 Number of academic support staff (technical) and administrative staff sanctioned, filled and actual :
1. Shri. Rafiqa Sultana Saiyad – Museum curator

Sanctioned Filled Actual
Technical Staff 1 1 1
Administrative staff

16 Research thrust areas as recognized by major funding agencies : Yes
UGC (SAP) in Year 1992 to 1997:
First phase : 1997 to 2002 :
Second Phase :
Major thrust areas for DSA
1. Archaeological Studies.
2. History of freedom struggle.
3. Archival Science.

17 Number of faculty with ongoing projects from a) national b) international funding agencies and c) Total grants received. Give the names of the funding agencies, project title and grants received project-wise :

Research Projects Year Number Title of the project Name of the funding agency Total Grant Received
Projects by


1 Documents of Veneration presented to Mahatma Gandhi Vardha Trust, Ahmedabad 1,35,000/-



Hindu-Muslim Harmony in Gujarat: A Historical Study IASE Deemed
Rajasthan 1,00,000/-

18 Inter-institutional collaborative projects and associated Grants received : Nil
a). National collaboration. b). International collaboration
19 Departmental projects funded by DST-FIST; UGC-SAP/CAS, DPE; DBT, ICSSR, AICTE, etc.; total grants received : Nil.
20 Research facility / centre with :
1. Gujarat Vidyapith Museum.
2. Morarji Desai Museum.
3. Copy Right Department of Gujarat Vidyapith.
4. Archival Cell.
5. Archival Conservation & Preservation Laboratory
21 Special research laboratories sponsored by / created by industry or corporate bodies : Nil
22 Publications:
• Number of papers published in peer reviewed journals (national / international) :

S,No Name of Authors and Co-authors Title of research papers Name of journal Whether the journal is state/National/international ISSN Publication detail (Year volume number and page number of paper Impact factor of journal/citation index
1. Dr.Mehboob Desai Rise, Development and Effect of Sufism in Gujarat The International Journal of History & Social Sciences,
University of Karachi,Pakistan International

November, 2012

शिक्षण में सर्जनात्मकता : एक अघ्ययन Opinion National February, 2013

Geeta And Quran “Vidyapith” State 0976-5794 April-May ,2014
2. Dr. Binduvasini Joshi भारतीय अंको: उनकी ळेखन पघ्दतिर्यां और शैळीर्यां “Vidyapith” State 0976-5794 January –June, 2012
Vol.50,Issue 1-2,
P. 5-19
एक जप्त बंगाळी कृति: पथेरदाबी Vidyapith State 0976-5794 July- December,
Vol.50,Issue 3-4,
Page. 06-20
3 Dr. Munjal Bhimdadkar Namno Mahima: Atihashik Pariprekshyman Atulya Varso State 23214880 November2014 to January 2014
Page.No.23 – 24

Sthal Namo Na Pariprekshyman Ma Bharuch Atulya Varso State 23214880 Julay,2014
Page No,04-05

Aitihasik Paripraksh ma Dr. Bhimrav Ambedkar Aashwast
Madhya Pradesh National 2010
Girnar na Sail Lekhonu Aitihasik Mahattva Bhatigal Saurashtra State Jan- Feb,2011
Page No.17-21
4 Dr. Kanaiyalal R. Nayak “गुजरात में प्रागैतिहासिक संस्कृति एक अध्ययन Shabdabrahm State 2320-0871 2014
“Sanskrutik Itihasna Strot Rupe Sadra: Ek Pravasan Sthal.” Vidyapith State 978-93-82124-85-6.
5 Dr. Rajendra Revashankar Joshi Sardar Vallbhbhai Patel Sangrahalay Surat-“Atulya Varso” Atulya Varso State 2321-4880 November 2013-January 2014. Ank.3
6 Dr. Zenamabibi Amumiya Kadari पालीताणा राज्यनो चा नो विशिष्ट कायदो ATULYA VARSO State 2321-4880 2014
14 – 16
इशळामीक साहित्यमें सोमनाथ VIDYANAGAR State 0976-9809 2013
“Vadodara State Museum nu Aetihasik Mahatva” GUJARATNA AETIHASIC STHALO (Lekh sangrah) State 978-81-925293-1-8. 2013

2. Books with ISBN with details of publishers
S,No Name of Authors and Co-authors Title of Book Name of Publisher Whether the publisher is state/National/International ISBN Publication Year
1. Dr. Mehboob Desai Islam and Non-Violence Gyan Publication,
New Delhi State 9788121210263 2011

Mehboob Desai
Vyaktitva ane Vangmay Parshwa
Ahmedabad State 9789382124214 2012

Rahe Roshan Parshwa
Ahmedabad State 978-93-5108-89-3
October 2014
मोहम्मद पेगम्बर के अमर सूत्रों
(उपदेश) Flamingo publication,
Ahmedabad State 978-93-82352-28-7

December 2013
प्रवासन सिघ्घात एवं व्यवहार Gurajar Granth Ratna
Ahmedabad State 978-81-8480-740-0

May 2012

• Monograph :
• Chapters in Books :
• Edited Books : 02

No Title
Years Publication

Gandhiji : Ek Rashtriya Sevak
(Prof. Mehboob Desai)
स्मरणिका: ळोक शिक्षा परिषद,तृतीय अघिवेशन
Prof. Dr. Binduvasini Joshi 2010

2010 Parshwa Publication, Ahmedabad

Gujarat Vidypith

• Citation Index- range/average :
• SNIP : –
• SJR : –
• Impact Factor – range / average : –
• h-index : –
23 Details of patents and income generated : Nil
24 Areas of consultancy and income generated : Nil
25 Faculty selected nationally / internationally to visit other laboratories / institutions/industries in India and abroad. :
Prof. Mehboob Desai Invited for
1. Lecture at Tasmania University, Department of Philosophy,
Hobart, Australia-2015
2. Lecture at Bostan University, Boston, USA-2015
3. Lecturer at Sahitya Parishad, Philadelphia, USA-2015
4. Annual Function at Gujarati Samaj, Melbourn,
Australia- 2015.

26 Faculty serving in :
(a) National committees (b) International committees (c) Editorial Boards:
1. Prof. Mehboob Desai
National committees
1. Advisory member of All India Radio, Rajkot from 1984-1987
2. On Expert list, Various Committees, New Delhi (on the subject of History)
3. Member of Hariom Ashram Sarvdharma Parishad, Sardar Patel
University, Vallabh Vidyanagar
4. Trustee of Darshak Itihas Nidhi , Ahmedabad
5. Member, Review and Selection Committee, Gandhi study Centers, University grants Commission, New Delhi
Editorial Boards
1. Co- editor of Gujarati Monthly Magazine “Tamanna” Published By Kutub Azad Publication, Bagasara.
2. Co – editor of Gujarati Monthly Magazine “Kodiyu” Published by Lok Bharati, Sanosara.
3. Member of Editorial board “Think Different”, International
Multidisciplinary Journal, Published by Matushri Foundation, Botad.
4. Member of Editorial board The Indian Writer, E- Journal Published by Matushri Foundation, Botad.
2. Dr. Binduvasini Joshi
1. Editorial board to Gujarat Vidyapith in2008-2010
27 Faculty recharging strategies (UGC, ASC, Refresher/orientation programs, workshops, training programs and similar programs). :
 Senior Faculty Member Prof. Mehboob Desai.
delivered lectures in Refresher, Workshop and
Orientation Programmes as under.
1. Lecture delivered on “Characteristics of Ideal teacher” in Refresher Course at UGC : Academic Staff College, Saurashtra University, Rajkot on 23 December 2014.
2. Lecture delivered on “Excellence in Teaching-Learning Method” in Orientation Programme at UGC: Academic Staff College, Saurashtra University, Rajkot on 23 December 2014.
3. Lecture delivered on “Creativity in Educational Process” in Orientation Programme at UGC: Academic Staff College, Saurashtra University, Rajkot on 23.09.2014.
4. Every year Lectures delivered in Refresher Course & Orientation Programme at Staff Training College, S.P. University, Vallabh Vidyanagar
 Dr. Binduvasini Joshi : (Attended)
1. Inter university Workshop organized by Department of
History & Culture, Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad on 8-03-2013 on the occassion of world Women’s Day.
2. The refresher course in History organized by ASC,
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi from 5-8-2009 to 27-8-2009.
3. The workshop on ” Vyakti Svatantray ane Samajik Nyay”
Organized by Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad, for research
guide from 1-05-2009 to 9-5-2009.
28 Student projects :
• percentage of students who have done in-house projects including inter-departmental projects : 100%
• percentage of students doing projects in collaboration with other universities/industry/institute : Nil
29 Awards/recognitions received at the national and international level by :
• Faculty : 01
• Doctoral / post-doctoral fellows :
• Students : 02

Prof. Mehboob Desai
Award from Government of Gujarat on 29 January 2012 for Research and Writing by Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendrbhai Modi and Governor of Gujarat Dr. Kamla Beniwal.

Doctoral / post doctoral fellows
S,No Name of student Name of Award Year Level of award (state/Regional/National/International) Name of agency/institute/organization giving the award
1. Ashok Rathod Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for Ph.D. 2011 National U.G.C

• Students / Fellow
S, No Name of student Name of Award Year Level of award (state/Regional/
National/International) Name of agency/institute/
organization giving the award
1. Gordhanbhai
Rohit Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for M.Phil. 2009 National U.G.C

2. Truptiben
Acharya Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for M.Phil. 2011 National U.G.C

30 Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops organized and the source of funding (national/international) with details of outstanding participants, if any. :

S, No Nature of programme Title of programme Duration Venue Number of participants Number and of eminent participants Amount of financial assistance receved Name of financial institute
1. State level Seminar ळोक संस्कृति,कंठस्थ परंपरा का साहित्य और ऐतिहासिक तथ्यों 28-01-2014 Gujarat Vidyapith,
Ahmedabad 150 10 Sponsored by JhaverchandMeghani Lok Sahitya Kendra, Rajkot Saurashtra University, Rajkot
2. National
Seminar Grass Root Workers of Gandhian Era 1920-1947 20 to 21 Dec.,2013 Gujarat Vidyapith,
Ahmedabad 75 15 Rs.85,000/- Department of History and culture,
Gujarat Vidyapith
3. Workshop Inter University Workshop 8 March ,2013 Gujarat Vidyapith,
Ahmedabad 150
Students 05 Sponsored by
Gujarat Vidyapith,
Ahmedabad Department of History and Culture,
Gujarat Vidyapith,and Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
4. National conference The 10th Annual National conference of Indian Society for Buddhist Studies 17 to 19 September,
2010 Gujarat Vidyapith,
Ahmedabad 250 10 90,000/-
Indian Society for Buddhist Studies, ,Jammu and Department of History and culture,
Gujarat Vidyapith,Ahmedabad
5. Regional Seminar Maniben Patel:Life and Work 17th
September, 2010 Gujarat Vidyapith,
Ahmedabad 150 10 Gujarat Vidyapith
10,000/- Gujarat Itihas Parishad & Department of History& Culture Gujarat Vidyapith,

31 Code of ethics for research followed by the departments :
The theme of research and dissertation is covered the Gandhian philosophy and ethics. So students Learn and Know Gandhian values in the life.
Antiplagarism & Research Methodology is Taught

32 Student profile programme-wise :
(A) B.A.. (UG)

Years Application Received Before three Years Selected Candidates Before three Years Pass Candidates
2010 137 – 26 – 100 –
2011 123 – 30 – 90.4 –
2012 118 18 56 18 80.7 100
2013 51 00 33 00 – –
2014 49 17 35 17 – –
2015 31 10 19 10 – –

(B) M.A. (PG)

Years Applications Received Before two Years Selected Candidates Before two Years Pass Candidates (%)
2009 23 04 100 100
2010 50 13 15 01 100 100
2011 30 04 13 04 100 100
2012 10 05 07 03 100 100
2013 14 03 07 02 – –
2014 11 00 11 00 – –
2015 34 10 32 10 – –

M.Phil & Ph.D.


No. of passed Candidates
M. phil. Ph.D.
2009-10 06 00 02 00
2010-11 04 00 00 00
2011-12 00 02 02 01
2012-13 01 00 00 00
2013-14 03 00 02 01
2014-15 02 00 01 00

33 Diversity of students :
Name of the Programme (refer to question no.4) % of students from the same university % of Students from other universities within the State % of Students from universities outside the State % of students from other countries

34 How many students have cleared Civil Services and Defence Services examinations, NET, SET, GATE and other competitive examinations? Give details category-wise. : Yes,

Years Civil Services NET/SLET GATE Defence Others
2014-15 00 00/00 —- —— —–
2013-14 01 00/00 00/00 —— —–
2012-13 —– —– —– —— ——
2011-12 —– —– —- —– ——
2010-11 —– 00/02 —– —— —–
2009-10 —– 00/01 —– —– —–
2008-09 —- —— —– —— —–

Many Students Clear state police, primary teacher and banking service examination.

35. Student progression
Student progression Percentage against enrolled
UG to PG 50
PG to M.Phil. 01
PG to Ph.D. 00
Ph.D. to Post-Doctoral 00
• Campus selection
• Other than campus recruitment NA
Entrepreneurs NA
36. Diversity of staff
Percentage of faculty who are graduates
of the same university Nil
from other universities within the State 100
from universities from other States from Nil
universities outside the country Nil

37 Number of faculty who were awarded M.Phil., Ph.D., D.Sc. and D.Litt. during the assessment period
: Nil
YEAR M.Phil. Ph.D.
2014-15 — —
2013-14 — —
2012-13 — —
2011-12 — —
2010-11 — —
2009-10 — —
2008-09 — —

38 Present details of departmental infrastructural facilities with regard to :
a. Library:
2550 Nos. Books, 15 Nos. Journals : Yes
b. Internet facilities for staff and students: : Yes
c. Total number of class rooms : 03
d. Class rooms with ICT facility : 03
e. Student’s laboratories : Yes
f. Research laboratories : No

39 List of doctoral, post-doctoral students and Research Associates :

a) From the host institution / university :
Sr. No Student Name Category Name of Guide Registration Date
1. Sandip Goswami OBC Dr.Mehboob Desai 19-09-2014
2 Bhavin Parmar SC Dr.Mehboob Desai 08-09-2014
3 Mukesh Ahir SC Dr.Munjal Bhimdadkar 08-09-2014
4 Harshad Memakiya OBC Dr.Munjal Bhimdadkar 08-09-2014
5. Mehul Gabu OBC Dr.Binduvasini Joshi 08-09-2014
6. Krunal Makwana SC Dr.Binduvasini Joshi 08-09-2014
7. Trupti Acharya SC Dr.Munjal Bhimdadkar 13-08-2013
8. Varsha Vala OBC Dr.Munjal Bhimdadkar 16-08-2012
9. Krunal Patel General Dr.Binduvasini Joshi 25-02-2012
10. Ashokbhai Rathod SC Dr.Munjal Bhimdadkar 25-07-11

b) From the other institution / universities : Nil

40 Number of post graduate students getting financial assistance from the
university :
Scholarships paid by Social Welfare Department (SC)

Years Programe Number of Students Amount paid for Scholarship
2014-15 M.A. 1 17175
M. Phil. 5 101900
2013-14 M.A. 5 95240
2012-13 M.A. 6 49140
2011-12 M.A. 3 49350
2010-11 M.A. 2 33950
2009-10 M.A. 2 27750
Ph.D. 1 12760

Years Program Number of Students Amount paid for Scholarship
2014-15 M.A. 23 478380
2013-14 M.A. 22 352960
M. Phil. 01 12867
2012-13 M.A. 08 135640
2011-12 M.A. 10 171450
2010-11 M.A. 12 154140
2009-08 M.A. 10 118900
Years Program Number of Students Amount paid for Scholarship
2014-15 M.A. 15 992700
2013-14 M.A. 4 29390
2012-13 M.A. 4 29120
2011-12 M.A. 2 9440
2010-11 M.A. 4 20340
2009-10 M.A. 3 14160
Scholarships paid by Gujarat Vidyapith
Years Program Number of Students Amount paid for Scholarship
2014-15 M.A. 10 50000
2013-14 M.A. 10 50000
M.Phil. 01 6500
2012-13 M. Phil. – –
2011-12 M.A. 01 6500
2010-11 M.A. 05 25000
2009-10 M. Phil. 06 12000

Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship (M.Phil.)
Sr. No Name Date of Admission Date for Fellowship Paid Amount
1 Trupti Rajendraprasad Acharya 23-07-07 18-07-11 189275.00
2 Gordhanbhai Mangalbhai Rohit 24-09-10 19-03-11 113543.00

41 Was any need assessment exercise undertaken before the development of new programme(s)? If so, highlight the methodology : Yes
by Questioner and Feedback of Students.
42 Does the department obtain feedback from :
a. Faculty on curriculum as well as teaching learning evaluation? If yes, how does the department utilize the feedback? : Yes,
b. Students on staff, curriculum and teaching-learning-evaluation and how does the department utilize the feedback? : Yes
c. Alumni and employers on the programmes offered and how does the department utilize the feedback? :
43 List the distinguished alumni of the department (maximum 10) :

1. Shri. Mahendra Chauvhan, Collector, Bhavnagar
2. Shri Chandrakant Pandya
Ex.Director, Gujarat State Archives,Gandhinagar.
3. Shri Ashok Desai
Ex.Directore ,Gujarat State Archives, Gandhinagar.
4. Dr.Dinesh Bhatt
Research officer and consultant, Sardar Patel Statue of Unity,
Govt. of Gujarat ,Gandhinagar.
5. Dr.Kanaiyalal Nayak
Co-ordinator, M.D.Gramseva Mahavidyalaya ,Sadra.
6. Dr.Munjal Bhimdadkar
Associate Professor, Department of History and Culture,
Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad.
7. Shri Bhavin Parmar
Assistant Professor, Govt. Arts College, Dhanpur, Dist. Godhara.

8. Dr.Rajesh Jadav
Assistant Professor, Kavi shri Botadkar Arts and
Commerce College, Botad.
9. Miss, Haseena Babariya
Assistant Professor, Government Arts College, Surendranagar.
10. Dr.Rameshbhai Chauhan
Assistant Professor, Navgujarat College, Ahmedabad.
11. Dr. Dilipbhai Chaudhary
Assistant Professor, Department of History, S.P.University, Vallabh
12. Shri Motibhai Devu
Assistant Professor, Sadra.
13. Dr. M .J. Parmar
Associate Professor & Head, Department of History,
Bhavnagar University , Bhavnagar.
14. Dr.Ganesh Gamit
Assistant Professor,Department of History, Kansagra Arts
College, Rajkot.
15. Shri Harshad Patel
District Education Officer, Gandhinagar.
16. Shri Ashok Vasava
Gramshilpi, Karutha, Taluka Mandvi, Dist-Surat.
17. Shri Kishor Chaudhary
Assistant Professor, Department of History, Sabarmati Arts
College, Ahmedabad.

44 Give details of student enrichment programmes (special lectures/workshops/seminar) involving external experts :
1. Organized Lecture series of subject Experts in every semester.
2. Every Friday Class Room Group Discussion organized.
3. Academic and Historical Tour organised in every semester.

45 List the teaching methods adopted by the faculty for different programmes. :
1. Class Room Teaching
2. Seminar/Presentation
3. Assignment
4. Group Discussion
5. Film Show
46 How does the department ensure that programme objectives are constantly met and learning outcomes are monitored? :
by feedback of Students
The department has several internal meeting about the current curriculum activities for try to improvement for students.
47 Highlight the participation of students and faculty in extension activities :
1. Gram Jivan Padyatra
2. N.S.S Camp.
3. Historical and Academic Tour.
4. Vibrant Gujarat summit.
48 Give details of “beyond syllabus scholarly activities” of the department :
1. Organized Guidance Lecture for the Preparation of GPSC and other Competitive Examination.
2. Seminar/Workshop of Multidisciplinary Subjects.
49 State whether the programme/ department is accredited/graded by other agencies? If yes, give details : Yes, Earlier UGC (SAP) was given.
50 Briefly highlight the contributions of the department in generating new knowledge, basic or apply :
1. Documentation of History of Gujarat Vidyapith in the context of Freedom Movements in India.
2. Research and Publication of History of Freedom Movements in Gujarat.
3. Maritime History.
4. Prepared a books of Tourism in Gujarati
5. Vocational Guidance Lectures for Students.

51 Detail five major Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges (SWOC) of the Department :
• Strengths
1. Departmental Infrastructure
2. Copyright Department
3. Village and Middle Class Students
4. Skilled Faculty Members

• Weaknesses
1. Language Problems

• Challenges
1. Student aptitude for field work
2. Job opportunity less
3. Utilizing untapped resources
• Opportunities
1. Life Long Education
2. Projective and consulting Approach
3. Spreading Gandhian philosophy
52 Future plans of the Department :
1. To set a Museum of Documents of veneration presented to Mahatma Gandhi
2. Collection Of Historical Records regarding Mahatma Gandhi and Freedom
Movements of India.
3. History of untouched Areas of Gandhian Era.
4. Diploma Course in Tour and Travels.
5. Diploma /Certificate Courses For Museum Curator & Guide.
6. Study to untouched Area of Freedom Movements in Gujarat.

Declaration by the Head of the Institution

I Certify that the data included in this Self-Study Report (SSR) are true to the best of my knowledge.
This SSR is prepared by the institution after internal discussions, and no part thereof has been outsourced.
I am aware that the Peer team will validate the information provided in this SSR during the peer team visit.

Signature of the Head of the institution

With seal:



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સુરે ફાતિહા : ઉમ્મુલ કુરાન : ડૉ. મહેબૂબ દેસાઈ

કુરાને શરીફનો આરંભ જે સૂરાથી થાય છે, તેને અલ ફાતિહા કહે છે. અલ ફાતેહા એટલે શરુ કરવું, આરંભ કરવો. અથવા મૃતાત્માઓ માટે પ્રાથના. આ સૂરા વિશ્વના તમામ મુસ્લિમો દરેક નમાઝ વખતે ફરજીયાત પઢે છે. છતાં મોટાભાગના મુસ્લિમો તેના અનુવાદ કે આધ્યાત્મિક અર્થથી વાકેફ નથી હોતા. આજે મારે એ અંગે થોડી વાત કરવી છે. સૂરે ફાતિહાને મહંમદ સાહેબ (સ.અ.વ.)એ “ઉમ્મુલ કુરાન” અર્થાત કુરાનની મા કહેલ છે. કારણ કે ઇસ્લામના સાચા હાર્દને આ સૂરાની માત્ર સાત આયાતોમાં સમાવવામાં આવેલ છે.સૌ પ્રથમ આપણે સૂરે ફાતિહાનો શુદ્ધ અનુવાદ જોઈએ.

“સઘળા વખાણ (સ્તુતિ)અલ્લાહ માટે જ છે, જે તમામ દુનિયાનો માલિક છે.
તે પરમ કૃપાળુ અને દયાળુ છે. ન્યાયના દિવસનો માલિક છે. અમે ફકત તારી જ ઈબાદત (ભક્તિ) કરીએ છીએ.અને તારાથી જ મદદની યાચના કરીએ છીએ. અમને સીધા માર્ગ પર ચલાવ. તે લોકોના માર્ગ પર જેના પર તે નેમતો (ખુદા તરફથી મળેલ સગવડતાઓ) ઉતારી છે, અને તે લોકોના માર્ગથી બચાવ જેનાથી તું ક્રોધિત થયો અને જેઓ સીધા માર્ગથી ભટકી ગયા”

સૂરે ફાતેહા કુલ સાત આયાતો પર આધારિત છે. જેમાની પ્રથમ ત્રણ આયાતોમાં અલ્લાહના વખાણ અને સ્તુતિનું આલેખન કરવામાં આવેલ છે. જયારે છેલ્લી ત્રણ આયાતોમાં માનવી તરફથી અલ્લાહ પાસે દુવાની દરખાસ્ત કે વિનંતી કરેલ છે. આ દરખાસ્ત કે વિનંતી અલ્લાહ પોતે જ પોતાન બંદોને શીખવાડે છે. જયારે વચ્ચેની ચાર નંબરની આયાતમાં અલ્લાહના વખાણ અને દુવા બંને છે. સૂરે ફાતિહાની આ સાતે આયાતો અલગ અલગ રીતે આપણે જોઈએ.
૧. તમામ તારીફ (વખાણ) એક માત્ર અલ્લાહ માટે જ છે, જે તમામ દુનિયાનો માલિક છે.
કુરાને શરીફની આ પ્રથમ આયાતમાં રબ્બીલ આલમીન શબ્દ વપરાયો છે. એ દર્શાવે છે કે રબ અર્થાત ખુદા. આલમીન અર્થાત સમગ્ર વિશ્વનો. અર્થાત ખુદા સમગ્ર વિશ્વનો માલિકા છે. તેમાં કોઈ એક કોમ, જાતી, પ્રદેશ કે વિસ્તારની સંકુચિતતા નથી. કારણ કે તેમાં રબ્બીલ આલમીન કહેવામાં આવ્યું છે, રબ્બીલ મુસ્લિમ નથી કહેવામાં આવ્યું. આવી સંકુચિતતા સમગ્ર કુરાને શરીફમાં કયાંય જોવા મળતી નથી. કારણ કે ખુદા સમગ્ર માનવજાત અને સમગ્ર વિશ્વનો છે. અને તેથી જ તેને રબ્બીલ આલમીન કહેવામાં આવેલા છે. તેમાં વિશ્વના પ્રત્યેક સજીવ-નિર્જીવ પદાર્થો, દ્રશ્ય-અદ્રશ્ય મખ્લુક, સુર્ય, ચંદ્ર, તારા, ગ્રહો, આકાશગંગા, નિહારિકાઓ, નક્ષત્રો, વીજળી. પર્યાવરણ, વનસ્પતિ, ફરિશ્તા, જીન્નાત બધાનો સમાવેશ થાય છે.
૨. બીજી આયાતમાં કહ્યું છે “તે ઘણો જ કૃપાળુ અને દયાળુ છે.” આ આયાતમાં અલ્લાહની બેપનાહ રહેમતોની તારીફ (વખાણ) કરવામાં આવેલા છે. સમગ્ર માનવજાત પર ખુદાની રહમ નજર (કૃપા દ્રષ્ટિ) અવિરત છે. તેની નજરમાં કોઈ ભેદભાવ નથી. કોઈ વેરઝેર નથી. તેની નજરમાં સૌ સમાન છે. અલબત સૌના આમાલો-કર્મો પર તેની નજર છે. તેના ખજાનામાં કોઈ ખોટ નથી. સાચી નિયતથી માંગનાર સૌને તે આપે છે.
૩. ત્રીજી આયાતમાં કહ્યું છે “ન્યાયના દિવસનો તે માલિક છે” અર્થાત કયામતના દિવસ. અલ્લાહ તઆલાએ સારા નરસા આમાલોનો બદલો આપવા માટે નક્કી કરેલો દિવસ એટલે “ન્યાયનો દિવસ” “કયામતનો દિવસ”. દરેક વ્યક્તિને તેના આમાલનો બદલો, કર્મોનો બદલો આપવામાં આવશે. અલ્લાહે પૃથ્વી પર માનવજાતનું સર્જન સદ્કાર્યોના પ્રચાર અને અમલ માટે કર્યું છે. પણ તેનો હિસાબા તો “ન્યાયના દિવસે” કરવાની બાહેધરી આ આયાતમાં ખુદાએ આપેલ છે. કુરાને શરીફમાં આ અંગે ઘણી આયાતો છે. જેમકે
“એટલે અમે લોકોને આખીરત (ન્યાયનો દિવસ) ના અઝાબ (સજા) પહેલા દુનિયામાં એ સજા સમકક્ષ સ્વાદ ચખાડીએ છીએ.”(૩૨.૨૧)
“આખીરતની સજા ઘણી મોટી હોય છે” (૬૮.૩૩).
૪.ચોથી આયાતમાં કહ્યું છે, “અમે ફક્ત તારી જ ઈબાદત કરીએ છીએ અને ફક્ત તારી પાસે જ મદદની યાચના કરીએ એ છીએ” આ આયાતમાં પ્રથમ વાક્ય સ્તુતિ અર્થાત વખાણનું છે જયારે બીજું વાક્ય ઈબાદત અર્થાત દુવાનું છે. ઇસ્લામમાં તોહીદ કેન્દ્રમાં છે. તોહોદ એટલે એકેશ્વર વાદ. ખુદા સિવાય કોઈ ઈબાદતને લાયક નથી. ઇસ્લામમાં ખુદા સિવાય અન્યની ઈબાદત સ્વીકાર્ય નથી. ખુદા સિવાય કોઈને સિજદો માન્ય નથી. અર્થાત દરેક મુસ્લિમ એક માત્ર ખુદાની જ ઈબાદત કરે છે, અને તેની જ ઈબાદત કરવાના આદેશનું પાલન કરે છે. જ્યારે બીજા વાક્યમાં ખુદા પાસે મદદ, સહાય અને સહકારની યાચના, વિનતી, અરજ કે આજીજી કરવામાં આવેલા છે. ખુદા પાસે કરગરીને, રડીને, વિનતી કરીને માંગવાની ક્રિયા સાથે સવાબ અને યકીન બંને સંકળાયેલા છે. સવાબ એટેલે પુણ્ય અને યકીન એટલે ઈમાન. વિશ્વાસ.
છેલ્લી ત્રણ આયાતો એક બીજા સાથે ભાવ અને અર્થથી જોડાયેલી છે. તેમાં કહ્યું છે,
“અમને સીધા માર્ગ પર ચલાવ.
એવા લોકોના માર્ગ પર જેને તે નેમતો આપી છે.
અને એવા લોકોના માર્ગથી બચાવ જેના કાર્યોથી તું ક્રોધિત થયો, અને જેઓ સીધા માર્ગથી ચલિત થઇ ગયા”

આ આયાતમાં બંદો ખુદા પાસે “સીધા માર્ગ પર ચલાવવાની દુવા માંગે છે. સીધો માર્ગ એટેલે નૈતિક, મુલ્યનિષ્ઠ અને સત્યનો માર્ગ. સદ્કાર્યો અને સેવાનો માર્ગ. સત્યના આચરણ અને નિષ્ઠાનો માર્ગ. એવા માર્ગે ચાલનાર તારા બંદાઓને તે ખુબ નેમતો આપી છે. પણ એવા લોકોના માર્ગ પર એ ખુદા અમને ન ચલાવીશ જેના કાર્યો કે આમાંલોથી તું નારાજ થાય છે, ગુસ્સે થાય છે. જેઓ નૈતિક, મુલ્યનિષ્ઠ અને સત્યના માર્ગથી ચલિત થઈ ગયા છે.
ટુંકમાં કુરાને શરીફની નમાઝમાં વારંવાર પઢાતી “સૂરે ફાતિહા”નું અત્રે અલ્પ વિવરણ આ નાચીઝે કરવાનો આછો પ્રયાસ કર્યો છે. અલ્લાહ તેને વધુ સમજવાની અને તેનો અમલ કરવાની મને અને આપ સૌને હિદાયત અને શકિત આપે -આમીન

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