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Prof. Mehboob Desai


Mehboob Desai was born on 5th January 1953 in the biggest city Ahemedabad in the province of Gujarat,India. His father Usmanbhai Desai was Police Inspector but also great Nationalist in British India. He always wear Khadi as a Uniform.He helped freedom Fighters during the Freedoom Movements of India. Mehboob was admitted to the Saurashtra University at the age of 20 and earned a Bachelor’s degree in 1974 and Master degree in 1976. His Subject of entire History. He received his Ph.D. in 1992 in the subject of “Bhavnagar Praja Parishad and Popular Movements in the Context of Freedom Movements of India 1920-1947”
He is working as a Professor and Head, Department of History & Culture, Gujarat Vidhyapith, Ahmadabad, Gujarat,India. He was a advisory member of All India Rodie,Rajkot from 1984-1987.He is on a Expert list of Union Public Commission,New Delhi on the subject of History.He is also the member of Hariom Ashram sarvdharma Parishad,Sardar petal University,Vallabh Vidhyanagar. He has Thirty years experienced in education field on various stages.He is a Trusty of Darshak Itihas Nidhi, Ahmadabad.


1. Awards of Gujarat Sahitya Accademy,Gandhinagar for best Research book of the year in 1992 for his Ph.D. work 2. Governor of Gujarat give him appreciation awards in 2005 for his research and writing regarding communal harmony; 3. Jain Yuvak Sangh of Gujarat Give him awards for his Achivments of the year in the subject of Freedom Movements of Gujarat and Saurashtra.4. Gujarat Muslim Samaj Lifetime Achievement Awards in 1996.5. Millennium awards from Sahitya Sangam for his writing on Freedom Movements in Gujarat.5. Award from Government of Gujarat on 29 January 2012 for Research and witting by Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendrbhai Modi and Governor of Gujarat Dr. kamla Benivala


Books in Gujarati

0n his account Dr. Desai has 55 books. On freedom Movements of Gujarat and Saurashtra 20 books, 8 book on Tourism , 12 books on Islam, 10 book on literature and 6 books on Adult Education. Some of them are Gujarat ni Swantantry Sadhana, Gujarat na navtar satyagraho, Azadina Pagrav, Shahid Bhagat singh. He is witting column regularly in Gujarati New papaer Divy Bhasker.The Name of column is “Rahe Roshan”

Book in English

Islam and Non-Violence ISBN 9788121210263

Brief Description
A number of misunderstandings prevail by connecting violence with Islam. Ugly from of violence, even terrorism, has been connected with a peaceful and value based religion like Islam, due to misunderstandings spread in the name of Kurbani and Jihad. In this book the basic principles and the relation between Non-Violence and Islam have been clarified through the life stories of Prophet Hazerat Muhammad Paigamber, Islamic Caliphs and Saints. This is book divided into three parts. In the first part, Islamic principles have been drawn in which there is no directive for practicing violence. In the second part the rule and life of four caliphs of Islamic administration have been described in brief. In them, too, Islam has been described as religion of mankind. In the view of Gandhiji Hazerat Imama Hussein was the First Satiyagrahi of world. One of the Chapter discusses the Imama Hussein and Battle of Badra. In the third part, the incidents of the life of Prophet Hazerat Mohammad and muslim Saints have been described. In them, too, Non- Violence is often expressed. Today when Islam is being defamed in the world by associating with terrorism, qualities of Islam like Non-Violence, Humanity, Tolerance and Gentleness etc. have been highlighted in this book.

Research Articals in English
1. Mr. Gandhi’s First Biography: an Unknown Page of History 2. Modern Concept of History 3.Islam and Non-Violence 4.“ A Doli – Palanquin Carriers’ Occupation in Pilgrim Center Palitana – A Study ”


1. Grass Rout Freedom fighters of Sauratshtr

2. Historical Application in Tourism

3.History of Bhavnagar State.

4.Gnadhiji : Ek  Rashtriya Sevak  ISBN No. 9789382124801

On Mehboob Desai

1. Prof. Mehboob Desai : Vyaktitv ane Vadmay , Edited By M.J. Parmara, Dr. Arun Vaghela,Dr. Laxman Vadher  ISBN No.9789382124214




16 responses to “About Me

  1. Rukaiya

    i want your help

      • Dear Dr.Desaisaheb,
        i would like to know how the Hon.The Prophet, Muhammed Paygambar Saheb died. Was it a natural death ? Did he terminate his life himself ?Was it due to advaced age ?
        With a lot of love & regards,
        Yours sincerely,
        Dr. Bankimchandra M.Desai
        i invite you to follow me
        Benghazi:Us experience Desaibankim’s blog
        Twitter : vasanji
        Facebook : Bankimchandra Desai

      • મા. બંકીમચંદ્ર દેસાઈ,

        મહંમદ સાહેબ ૬૦-૬૨ વર્ષની ઉમરે સ્વભાવિક માંદગીના કારણે અવસાન પામ્યા હતા.
        આપે બ્લોગની મુલાકાત લીધી તે બદલ આભાર. આપનો બ્લોગમાં અવશ્ય મહેમાન થઈશ. ફોલો પણ કરીશ.
        મહેબૂબ દેસાઈ

  2. chhatrapal

    namskar sir,i am your student

    • પ્રિય છત્રપાલ
      મજામાં ને ?
      ૧૦,૧૧ સપ્ટેમ્બરના રોજ નેશનલ સેમિનારનું આયોજન કેલ છે. તેમાં આવજે. કાર્ડ તમારી કોલેજ પર મોકલી આપે છે. જુના વિદ્યાર્થીઓ માટે તે ફરજીયાત છે.

      મહેબૂબ દેસાઈ

  3. Sir I want to perchase Gujarati islami books including the books you have mentioned in your articles. And gujarati translation of the holly Quran.
    Amdavad is main center for gujarati books so please guide me from where
    I can purchase.I also want to purchse islamic history ( gujarati) books.
    Sir I hope you will kindly spare some time for me.jazak llah.
    Mansoor sawani houston tx usa

  4. zulfikar tunvar


    i m zulfikar tunvar.
    i need some books on sufism…can u suggest some name?

    • જનાબ તન્વીર સાહેબ,
      સૂફી અંગેના મારા બે પુસ્તકો અંગેની વિગતો આપને મારી વેબસાઈટ mehboobdesai.com પરથી મળી જશે. એ સિવાય પણ મારી જરૂર જણાય તો વેબસાઈટ મારો મોબઈલ નબર છે. આપ મારો સંપર્ક કરી શકો છો.
      અલ્લાહ હાફીઝ.
      મહેબૂબ દેસાઈ

  5. chhatrapal

    sir,i am sorry to your national seminar invitation-order. my email-cnjadeja9@gmail.com your loving student-chhatrapal

  6. dear dr. desaisaheb,
    thanks for your prompt reply. i could not decipher the computer language. i have a limited knowledge about various computer applications.If it is easy and convenient for you, please change its format or send it in English.
    i like your write up on Tilak. You could convince others well,probably,because you are a very good teacher.i want to post the link on Facebook and compare it with Topi episodes during Narendra Modi’s Sadbhavna Yatras.

    • Thanks Sir,

      Tilak episode is real incident. if you like it that not my Kamal. Its by the Bless of Allah. I am happy to know that your a regular reader of my column. Its a my pleaser.

      Thanking you

      mehboob desai

  7. imran

    sir shu mane hajarat paygambar saheb ni family wishe mahiti mali shake?

    • ચોક્કસ. સીરતે સરકારે મદીના નામક ગ્રંથમાટેની વિગતો ઘણી વિસ્તૃત છે.

  8. imran

    janab mare janvu hoy ke islam na niyamo kya kya chhe to shu hu koi chokkas book dwara jani shaku?

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